Explosive Decompression [part 2/2]

If the aircraft was moving at 400mph a small hole would wrip it apart. as its on the ground the air can move at its own free will out of the hole, in the air the air brushes past 400mph moving air so its pulled out faster and it will probably extend the whole more and more. pokračování

HMS Brittanic - Sister to Titanic - 400'/120m -1

ideo from a project we did in 1999 for Discovery Channel. I cut some B roll video and have made 3 parts. Part 1 is a penetration on this wreck located off Isle of Kea in Greece. More info @ pokračování

Mexico Cave Diving Jailhouse

autor: Slawek Packo, Excellent and high quality cave diving video in Mexico Jailhouse pokračování

Expedition Sardegna-Cave diving-1.Czech line Expedice Sardinie

Expedition Sardegna - Cave diving - 1. Czech line - Expedice Sardinie- Potápění Sardinie by Ulf Czastka Free Fingers Film Factory - Speleoaquanaut pokračování

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